About Me

THIS is ME Now:

I'm a single Mamma who has re-discovered the beauty and joy of life through some pretty tough trials and I wouldn't change it if I could. I have called Missoula home for 17 years, even when hanging my hat elsewhere. A thrift-store junkie, travel-dreamer, poet, and craft-ninja, my three children and I live a life of beauty-seeking and adventure. I work at the Y, and I love getting to know my community and helping everyone to feel welcomed, heard, and loved. When not at work, I can be found doing volunteer advocacy work for the American Heart Association, teaching Primary at our local LDS church, finishing a Creative Writing degree at the University of Montana, plotting to take over travel the world, or throwing a living room pajama-clad dance party with my little ones. I take a lot of pictures, write a lot of poems, see beauty in everything, and have a lot of opinions that I might just share. I sometimes sleep and occasionally remember to blog. This is my beautiful life.

This (below) was me way back when. In a different life. But if you scroll back far enough you'll read her, so I thought I'd leave her here for the annals of time.

Pre-2014: I'm a mom, wife, artist and writer. I feel a compulsion to create beauty in the world and to absorb as much of it as possible too. If I didn't value my health, I could happily live on milk and cookies for the rest of my life. I dream of traveling the world with my husband and our two amazing kiddos and writing a book about the experience. In the meantime, I try to find adventure and discovery in the moments of everyday.
This blog is a catalog of thoughts and images from my truly blessed and beautiful life.You'll also find sewing and craft project inspiration, photo inspiration from the portrait business my husband and I run together, and, occasionally, original poetry by me and book reviews.

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