October 10, 2011

Crazy Mad Bliss

Hello blogland. It's been awhile.
I've been in this state of overdrive lately...this manic zone of crazy mad bliss. 
Between my husband (who has been working in another state for over a year) getting ready to come home (that's the bliss part) and the finalization of the decision that the kids and I will not be moving to town-that-shall-remain-nameless-where-I-really-didn't-want-to-live to join him (more bliss), the madness of getting ready to attend Quilt Market at the end of this month, and the craziness of everyday, homeschooling-Mamma life, I feel like I've hardly had a second to breathe. 


So I'm taking it now. Fingers on the type keys. Words calming like a favorite blanket and a cup of tea.

Okay. That was good. Moving on to the multiple purposes of this post.

1. Amber June Studios on Etsy. I have a few fun new things in the shop that I wanted to share. Like:

All upcyled materials. All handmade vintage pretty (if I do say so myself).

2. Books. I have come into some a*maz*ing*  vintage books lately and I am itching to get them photographed and listed in my shop, but it probably won't happen until after QM. But it will happen, so keep your eye on the shop...

3. Quilt Market! I am so excited to be attending the ol' International QM in Houston at the end of this month. Now you may be asking, what is Quilt Market? And, some of you who know me may be adding, And why are you going because you don't really quilt? Well, you can click here for a very nice 'what is quilt market' definition from Miss Sarah Jane if you like, or you can just keep reading and fumble through my awkward explanation. It's basically a tradeshow for all things fabric and sewing. I am going to be co-teaching (alongside my bestie) what they call a School House. Which is just a catchy name for what any other tradeshow that is not run by crafty-creative types would call a 'work shop.' Our 'School House' session will be on incorporating solid color fabrics into your sewing projects, with my particular emphasis on embroidery. So...long way 'round to a short point... I would love to meet any and all of you who might be attending! We could get some lunch. Chit-chat. That sort of thing. Send me an email and let me know if our paths might cross.

And... item number 4. Because of all the Crazy-Mad-Bliss going on around here, this is probably my sign-off for the rest of the month. Most likely. But I will be back in early November with all the news. And pics. And handmade-vintage-pretty goodness. So stay tuned, blogland. And enjoy all your own moments of bliss.


October 5, 2011

A Blustery Day

Yesterday was the first truly blustery day we've had this fall. As Laurelei and Riley and I were sitting down to breakfast, we suddenly all got very quiet...our ears perked up (as much as non-canine ears can) and two seconds later we were all running to the open window with a joyous shout of Rain!
The sparse, heavy raindrops fell from a pewter sky while swirling winds blew the top leaves off the trees and those on the lower branches considered turning early just to get down to safer ground. In other words, it was the perfect day to stay inside, don sweaters, and put up Halloween decorations (after, of course, a warm lunch of Chicken Soup with Rice).

Now, for the most part, my decorating tastes run along the lines of vintage eclectic... I also love things that are handmade and homemade and have a story. But when it comes to Halloween, 
I like me a little glitter.

A little glitzy glam.

A little over-the-top color...

and a little dollar-store-level kitsch. 

It is a glitzy- glam holiday after all.
The kiddos and I had so much fun sipping hot cocoa and hanging skeletons, making an October calendar and marking the days for the full moon, the Fall Festival we are going to, and, of course, All Hallow's E'en. The whole day felt to me like a kick-off  to my favorite time of year: October, November, December...three months of holidays, all with their own decorations and foods and traditions, culminating with Christmas, my favorite holiday of all.
Yup. I'm rarely sad to see a blustery day. And yesterday was a good one. Hope it was for you too, blustery or not.


October 3, 2011


Thanks to everyone (all 7 of you) who entered my first ever blog giveaway. I would love to do more of these types of things in the future (and if only the 7 of you entered again I would be happy). 

And now (drumroll please)... the lucky winner of the handmade (by me) burlap Halloween banner/bunting flag thing is:

whose comment reminded me so much of how I feel toward the end of summer- pulling on sweaters and knee-socks in the morning and pulling them off in exasperation by the end of breakfast. She said:

I am sooo excited for Fall! It's going to be 90 today, but I put on a Fall outfit this morn' because I am in denial and trying to force the chilly weather to get here sooner. I think I will give up and go change into my swimsuit in about an hour:) Pumpkins are my favorite!! I am making pumpkin bread later as well. and I twittle-de-tweet @wollypollyphoto. BOO!!!


Let's do this again sometime, blogland.


p.s. What do you think of the new blog design? I kind of love it.