September 9, 2011

A Chalkboard

    It struck me a couple of days ago: We need a chalkboard.

    The kids and I have been learning about bread; the history of bread, its significance as a universal food, different types of bread from cultures around the world...

(look at these beautiful loaves we made!)

...when it occurred to me that we'd come across the word 'culture' quite a bit in our recent reading. And I suddenly had an old-school urge to write it on the board and define it for the class.

   But we had no board. So we set out to do something about that. A visit to my favorite source for perfectly good, usable junk, Home Resource, left us in possession of a wonderfully wide, shallow kitchen drawer,

 a quart of creamy butter-yellow paint, aaaand...a few other things that we didn't exactly need,  but let's just say they needed us to give them new life. Anyhow, a little elbow grease and a can of Krylon chalkboard paint later...


   I'm so excited. Didn't it turn out cute? And it's already been put to good use...

...with our inspirational vocabulary word o' the week.

  *happy sigh* I love a good project well done. And I have been swimming in projects around here lately. If you are anywhere near the Missoula, MT area, you can come by the fairgrounds next Saturday, September 17th and see some of the fruits of my labor at the Prairie Sisters Party, where my bestie and I will be sharing a booth. There will be a couple more kitchen-drawer chalkboards, a whole herd of my signature stick horses, and a slew of vintage finds for your home. Including these lovelies...

   And for those of you who can't make it to Montana for a junk/craft show weekend of prettiness, never fear. Starting next week, most of the aforementioned items will also be available in my Etsy shop. 

  Now I'm off to gather the kids in the kitchen and further explore bread and culture by making tortillas. Have a lovely fall day, blogland.



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