September 14, 2011

Words, or the lack thereof...

Lately, I feel I have had so many different thoughts whirling through my mind that I can hardly choose words to describe them. I take to my blog, this blog, wanting to write something that has meaning, something that reaches someone else, something that is beautiful and true. But when I close my eyes and breathe, listening to what's in my heart and mind, I find I have only images...only raw ideas driven by my deepest desire: to never live a halfway, just fine life. Just fine is not enough. And, yes, some of the images have words because my heart beats in syntax, but the words are blood-warm and spare.

I can
I will

Then there are the now images--the memory making, hold-them-close pictures of life in our family each day.

earth. our little bit.
black and cold and clean.

prepare. not long until the cold.
goodness. sustain.

bounty. blushing. sweet.

Maybe, though, the spare words are the right ones. Like that game that is played by one person shouting out a word and everyone else responding, thoughtlessly, with the first thing that comes into their mind. Or like William Carlos Williams with This is Just to Say (one of my favorite pieces of poetry of all time). The words are hardly there, only slightly composed, but somehow tangible and true.

I hope the words in your mind now are true and beautiful for you.


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  1. I like what you said. I'll bet you have quite a garden every year, and I'll bet it is a nice and peaceful one.