November 5, 2011

Embroidery Patterns #2 and #3

I am so excited to be sharing two new FREE printable embroidery patterns, designed by me!
(Um, did she just say free? Yes. Yes she did.)

If any of you lovely readers were at Quilt Market and happened to attend the school house Sandi and I did together, you will know that these are embroidered on Michael Miller's new solid colors which they are calling Cotton Coutoure. Swanky right? But fitting. These are definitely the nicest solids I have ever worked with- high density, so no need to face for embroidery, but soft and smooth at the same time. And super forgiving. If you have to pick out a stitch, you aren't going to have a hole in your fabric. 
(And, no, I am not being paid by anyone at Michael Miller to write this. I don't yet have the blogging clout to generate cash. It's just plain true.)

But I digress. Let's get back to me and my embroidery patterns.

"Play is the work of children" is a quote that has most often been attributed to Maria Montessori, and it is the motto of our little free-learning style homeschooling family. My children, as do all children, learn and discover sooooo much through the exercise of their own imaginations and the experiments of their own hands. They teach me so much as well. I was tickled to have an excuse to make this for our home and hope you don't need one to make it for yours.

And "Umbrella (ella) (ella)." Some of you might catch the song reference... it was in my head the whole time I was stitching this one (and it's not done yet- it will be a pillow top). But, while I like Rhianna and her powerhouse vocal cords, I actually hear Marie Digby in my head when I think of that song.
Anyway...I love umbrellas and thought this simple design would make a fun accent on a pillow, a bag, a wall hanging above an umbrella stand...whatever you want to make of it. 

Just click on the 'make' tab at the top of this page, or either of the pictures to get to the printable patterns and suggested stitch guides. Did I mention they're FREE?


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