February 14, 2012

To My Husband

My heart, 
entangled in the vines of a life and love
wild and overgrown
that flourishes still,
I give to you again.
And again.
Each hour, everyday.

I Love You.


p.s. To my blogland peeps: Thanks for putting up with my mushiness. I married a man who believes in me, is an amazing, involved, fun Dad to our two children, and works harder to achieve his dreams--year after year, without ever giving up--than anyone else I've ever known. How could I not be all internet PDA on Valentine's Day?


  1. Did not expect to need a tissue when I read your
    post but, I did. So, so sweet...lucky you, lucky him.


  2. Okay seriously, that made me tear up too. What a beautiful card! How long have you been married? Here's to many more Valentine's Days to the two of you!

  3. Thanks ladies! We will celebrate our 12th anniversary this summer. Yup, I was barely 20 when we got married (he was 27), but even then I knew he was the guy for me.