January 10, 2016

Soul Song Sunday: These Waters

Part of my goal for 2016: Shine, Soul Song Sunday posts will feature some expression of my spiritual thoughts or feelings of late. Poetry, prose, image, quote, or song, these posts will be my imperfect hallelujah, and open prayer.

Tonight I am sharing a poem which was inspired by a few words spoken in church last week, words which caught my ear and grew to something within me. Here is that something.

These Waters

These waters are washing our
homes into the fields and the
fields, the red rocks, the heathered hills
into our homes.

These waters are rising above our
fault-lines and sight-lines and
love-blinds. Our eyes are
turning starward, Godward,
holy silent cries.

Give me stilts to stand on.
Give me cupped hands to bail.
Light the striatious places with un-fleeting light.
Let my child and my neighbor be among the
survivors when

These waters are receding, riven clans and
fractured nations deep in mending pull. And

aired, dried we lie down in the Sun.


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