August 31, 2011

Book Love

It's happened again. Meet my new love:

It was inevitable, I suppose, with the dream-team combination of Phyllis Root and Mary Grandpre.

But just look at it. It's beautiful.
And it doesn't hurt that the story is one with deep roots in folklore- some of my favorite stories are.
This one is a Nordic tale of a brave and witty girl who goes looking for the sun when it suddenly ceases to rise. The wording is simple but evocative, transforming nouns like light and dark to living things:

"Sunlight followed Lucia through the front door and poured across the floor, 
as warm and as sweet as honey."

Love it.

I'm also really enjoying (though not on the same level of deep love, of course- that is reserved for picture books only) :

I have never seen the movie, and really picked this up by chance, but I decided I'd like to read a Civil War story in which I did not utterly despise all the characters.
I'm finding that Mr. Frazier writes beautifully, describing the land, the characters, the events with a telling poetic clarity that transcends their physical appearances.
But what I am loving most of all (and I'm really not very far into it) is watching Ada and Ruby 
take control of  Ada's farmland, wasting not an inch of space or an ounce of resource. The way we homesteaders-stuck-in-the-burbs would do it if we could.
(Can I get an amen, self-sufficient farm sisters?)

And for some more book love...
I am now officially bringing my passion for vintage books to you, dear readers and discerning shoppers, with
coordinated decorator sets of vintage books now available in my Etsy shop.

Aren't they pretty? 
And, if you want, you can read them too.



  1. It looks like a scrumptious book, pictures, story and all. Is it Lucia as in St. Lucia? is that the nordic foklore the story is based on?

  2. I'm with you on Cold Mountain. Great book and the movie was fine.