September 1, 2011


It takes a lot to make my blogroll. If you look over there, on the right side bar, you'll notice there are only five names listed under Beauty in Blogland. Those aren't the only blogs I read, of course, and they are obviously not the only blogs I consider to be good. I read dozens of blogs each week that are fun, entertaining, stylish, pretty, inventive, unique...and other light, but generally positive adjectives. Those on my blogroll, however, are the blogs that speak to my soul. When I read posts (or see the images) from these women (they are all women at this point) I am moved and inspired to let go of things in my life that don't matter; to be a better, truer, deeper me. And I don't need long to know when I've found a blog worthy of the Beauty list or not. Usually, it's love at first click. Just like the books.

And yesterday I discovered a new one.

It happened like this: I was checkin' the tweets when I saw this from someone called @kindnessgirl:

"What will this day be like? I wonder..."

So of course, I had to jump in there and reply:

To which @kindnessgirl responded:

@amberjunek "You knew. We must be soul sisters."

I immediately had to read her blog. And, it turns out, Kindness Girl was exactly what my soul needed. A little less worrying, a little less stressing and scheduling, a little more thinking about someone other than me.

After reading through her last dozen posts or so, I called up my BF and we set out to the library to do this:

(these are photos from We could sneak around our small library with post-its, but I think a camera would have been noticed.)

The point was to leave notes of encouragement and, well, kindness for others to find. Notes that would, hopefully, be just what they needed. We included our kids in this, to their delight, and it was I wandered around looking for just the right book to put just the right message in, every now and then a book would sort-of jump out at me, and I knew that was the one. That the person who would find that book would be the person who needed the message I would put there. And it felt good.

So, I hope this post doesn't come off as too blog-stalkerish, but I want to thank you, Kindness Girl, for what you continually do, and for reminding everyone in blogland and beyond:


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  1. So, so honored to make the blogroll!! :) AND so looking forward to learning more about you and this lovely blog...
    your new soulsister