March 9, 2012

Vintage Fabric Stash

Hello lovelies. 
Remember that recent influx of gorgeous vintage fabric I mentioned the other day?
Want to see a little bit of it? 

Upholstery -weight fabrics and quilting cotton and poplins and seersuckers, wool and twill and suitings and flannels...

...funky-fun knits and even notions...

(I couldn't decide if this bird print was retro-ugly or retro-awesome, but I took it anyway and now I'm kind of in love with it. In a retro-awesome-ugly way.)

...and patterns! I almost didn't take any patterns because I already have a pretty plentiful stash of vintage patterns from my gorgeous Grandma, but flipping through them, I did find an inspirational couple dozen or so.
Ideas... many ideas. 
My heartfelt thanks again to Stella and her kind, good, talented mother whose fabric stash this was. She was an inspirational woman. A woman of home and family and wisdom and faith and generosity. Clearly, that has not been lost on her daughter, nor on anyone who knew her.

Now to create!


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