August 30, 2012

Sewing Spree!

     Whenever big events are coming up, or big changes are happening in our family life, I feel the need to Make Stuff. It's as if the primal survivalist nurturer in me is asking if I am prepared for whatever's coming and  when my modern Mamma answer is no, it screams, "Well, what are you waiting for? Get out the serger!" Or the cookbooks. Or the embroidery hoops. Or the knitting needles even though I can't knit. I feel like if I can make something then we will be ready. Even if it's just readiness in the sense that my family will know I care.

   Last weekend I went on a making spree, mostly sewing, which has carried over into this week and morphed in to baking and cooking and healthy lunch fixing. Be forewarned: expect a scrumptious waffle recipe and an onslaught of everything Bento in the days to come. Today though, sewing pics to share!

     Typically, I do not buy for my children shirts with a large expanse of stain-luring white covering the chest, but...these were $1 on the clearance rack, so I thought, why not? I'll make something cute to put on them. I asked Riles what he'd like and he requested one alien space ship, and one train with buttons. A little felt applique and an hour or so of sitting on Mamma's lap to 'help' later, and here we are. I love them!

      And for Laurelei...a new dress. Did she really need a new dress? Hmmm...not really. But Mamma really needed to do something with that yard-sale-score vintage apron.

      And doesn't every girl need a good twirling dress? I think so.

    And finally, custom Bento box covers for L's and R's school lunches. They picked the fabrics from my stash, I stitched.

    I love how they turned out!

    What about you, blogland beauties? Do you get the urge to Make Stuff when changes come your way? Share links- I want to see!

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