March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Shabby Shamrock Tutorial

     I know, I know. I'm always a little late posting these things, but that's because I always plan and create my own minor holiday crafts last minute. By 'minor holiday' I mean any holiday other than Christmas and Easter. And maybe Thanksgiving and Halloween. St.Patrick's day? Definitely minor. We're neither Catholic nor Irish here, so there's really no 'getting into the spirit' of St. Patrick's Day around our house. It's a fun day to wear green and speak with a fake Irish accent, and it happens to be Brian's birthday, but that's pretty much it.
    Wow, I'm really building up the excitement for this tutorial, huh? the interest of having something cute, understated, non-beer related, lacking glitter, and...oh, yes, green to wear on the day that has been set aside for the Wearing O' The Green, I hereby give you, my fellow last-minute crafters, the Amber June Studios

Fine Yarn or Crewel Wool
Pin Back or Safety Pin
Hot Glue
A Little Twig

 Step One:
Without cutting your wool from the skein, begin wrapping a strand around the three middle fingers of your left hand (or your right hand, if you are a genius south-paw).
Wrap until you have a nice thick pillow of yarn looped around those fingers; at least 2 yards. More 
if you like.

Step Two:
When you are happy with the thickness of your loops, cut the yarn from its skein and tuck the loose end in among the loops.
Using a darker shade of green (did I mention the yarn should be green?), wrap and tie off the middle of your
yarn poof as you slip it from your fingers.

Step Three:

(This one was difficult to photograph one-handed, so I drew you a lil' picture.)

Step Four:
Continue wrapping the dark green yarn around the three sections of loops until you are happy with the 
shamrock-ness of your shamrock. Then, holding your little twig in place on the back of your 
shamrock, wrap the yarn around it as well, to secure it in place. Cut the wrap yarn from the skein.

Step Five:
Use a little daub (yes, I said daub) of hot glue to secure the end of the dark yarn and attach your 
pin back or safety pin at the same time  (I know, right?)

Voila! Shabby Shamrock.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. May all the...snakes stay out of Ireland...or something.
(No disrespect intended).


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  1. How nice! I don't think that I've ever seen a St Pat's decoration that isn't tacky... until now... you give me hope! grace