March 19, 2012

Vintage Fabric Project #1

   This beautiful, foggy weekend...

in between celebrating my sweet hubby's birthday, getting out and
hiking as a family...

buying my tickets for Hunger Games (geek out *squeal*!)...

and squeezing in a little fiction writing time (that hasn't happened in a while),
I managed to whip out a little living-room perk-up with some of that new old vintage fabric I'm loving.

It all started with this sad piano bench I wanted to use for the kids to sit on at our dining table.

(See how sad?) 
But I had that gorgeous blue and green and gold tapestry-type fabric in my fabulous new old pile...and then going through my fabric stash and combining new with old, I found a quirky combination of prints and colors I love.

So I reupholstered the seat of the bench, and then threw together a few fun, simple pillows to pull the colors into our living room (which, in our little space, is the same room as the dining room) :-)

I love how everything turned out...patchwork and mismatched ruffles and unexpected color combinations..old fabrics mixed with new.

And a happy bench at our little table.

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well.


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