April 3, 2012

Vintage Fabric Project #2

     I threw together this little project last week. Granted, it's not so much a 'fabric' project (although fabric is involved) as Vintage Fabric Project #1, but the box did come with my heap of vintage sewing goodies, so I officially declare, with auspicious, officious, and decorous decorum, this store-display-to-jewelry-chest upcycle to be Vintage Fabric Project #2.
Behold the before:

An embroidery floss/ crewel wool display case; nice honey-oak colored wood, three clear-fronted drawers, and a big DMC emblazoned on the top and sides. It was the adjustable dividers in the drawers, combined with the discombobulated, mish-mash state of my accessories, that got me thinking jewelry box.

And the after:

Isn't it pretty? May I just... express a little...um, if you'll excuse me for a mo'...

I'm all better now.

Do you have projects have you finished lately that make you squee! for joy?
 Share the links, I wanna see!



  1. I love it so much, it's so amazing!! I want to decorate some of those ugly plastic boxes for my supplies, this is a wonderful idea. Thanks Amber!

  2. it is sooo pretty! (as well as the things inside) ..alas nothing so pretty that I've done lately. At least not that I can link to. I have been making curtains though. Cute, but not squealy cute.