January 13, 2012

Paper Blossoms, Among Other Things...

I'm pretty dang excited about this folks.

If you're a regular reader here, you've probably picked up on my love of old books.
I read them, use them as home decor, build stuff out of them, and use the pages for all kinds of art-type ventures.

So after Christmas, when I was left with the inner workings of about a billion (okay, eleven) books after my whole recycled-cover-journal project, I wanted to make use of those lovely yellowed pages in a new way.

And Paper Blossoms, a whole new division of my shop and aspect of my craft-tacular repertoire was born.

I love them. They are time-consuming to make and I poked my thumb with a milliner's needle more than once in the process, but still, I love them. 
So what do you think?
Both the bouquets, the wreath and a variety of the hair pins will be available in my shop sometime this weekend.  As will at least one of the Other Things (as promised in this post's title) that my abundant supply of book pages inspired:

 This Is the House That Jack Built
Nursery Decor Set

The frame tells the entire story, from the malt to the maiden to the farmer who sowed the corn, and the bunting banner coordinates with black-and-white illustrations from the same vintage book.

Not to toot my own crafty horn or anything, but this set seriously makes me want to have another baby, just so I can use it to decorate the nursery. 

And the ideas keep coming, so keep checking in. I'd love to share more.


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